Kancelaria Komornicza

Enforcement agent office

If you're in need of an agent to carry out an enforcement or eviction order, this is just the company you're looking for. Putting into force orders issued by various courts, such as the County Court or Magistrates Court, we can make sure you will get the results you expect - quick and practical enforcement and eviction.

Visit Kancelaria Komornicza ~ website at kancelariakomornicza.co.uk

We excel in:

  • County Court Judgements
  • Magistrates Court Warrants
  • High Court Warrants
  • European Enforcement Order
  • Eviction of Trespassers and Squatter

Company contact details

106 Long Drive



Phone: +44 (0) 0787 2606 388

E-mail: [javascript protected email address]